This new qualitative lookup is conducted for the Phnom Penh and Siem Enjoy State

A proper calculation out-of unmet importance of progressive contraception is applicable to spot and target people that from the-danger of that have unintended pregnancies to own enhancing the SRH details and you may reducing poverty in a country. We recommend a mix procedures method to assess the fresh new unmet you would like to have progressive contraceptive by using the 2014 CDHS dataset and you can qualitatively investigating the newest misunderstandings on the progressive birth-control procedures when you look at the Cambodian sexually energetic teenage girls aged 15–19 age and female aged 20–30 many years.

2.5. Report about All of our Suggested Kinds to own Unmet Need for Modern Contraceptive

Phnom Penh try a flourishing providers heart and you may pulls migrants out of the latest rural provinces to possess degree otherwise job opportunities . You will find ladies doing work in small businesses, individual property, organizations, markets, pubs, brand new tourism business, once the alcohol promotors plus the new enjoyment industry. Siem Experience provincial township try a visitor destination which have associated tourism marketplace like the Angkor Wat temples that will be area of the stimulus toward regional discount.

While the revealed in our decimal results, it’s about the that 76.5% of females didn’t discover the cycle or perhaps the months about what he could be most likely in order to ovulate. This is backed by the brand new qualitative finding that many women did maybe not know about the correct ovulation months (harmful several months) when revealed a picture of this new menstrual cycle. Because of this the fresh new mix strategies browse can be give rigid data. They will bring to the notice the fact that this type of female had been incompetent at choosing its ovulation days that will perhaps not effortlessly use the calendar flow method (traditional birth prevention method). Another research records one female teens and you can teens usually utilize the flow approach because traditional birth prevention, but this procedure becomes unsound as the teenage girls often have abnormal menstrual schedules and insufficient SRH literacy .

This new decimal abilities showed a serious boost in the newest unmet need to own modern contraception throughout the urban Cambodian female. Contained in this chronilogical age of urbanization and you will modern world, of many young women migrate on outlying areas so you’re able to cities for degree and a career, that have Phnom Penh and Siem Reap amongst the greatest mark notes having monetary grounds. There are numerous apparel factories regarding peri-towns out of Phnom Penh, in which more youthful rural female select a position . We posit that the more youthful people constantly live in the reduced socioeconomic, peri-urban areas with limited accessibility SRH and you will household members planning attributes. Additionally, a peek at books regarding Cambodia exhibited increased outlying to metropolitan migration with many different female youth trying to find employment throughout the activity marketplaces [eleven,33]. This type of female youngsters face multiple barriers in accessing SRH characteristics together with individual, monetary, literacy otherwise recommendations, communication, and you will cultural traps [11,33].

7.step one.dos. Manage Acceptability, Value and you can Availability of Modern Contraceptives

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