Sexual Perceptions and Features away from OnlyFans Pages

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As new forms of sexually explicit material (SEM) platforms emerge, sex research and sexuality-based studies must also evolve. Although the subscription-based platform OnlyFans has become an increasingly popular way for content creators to share and access SEM, the demographic information and sexual attitudes of users across sex have not yet been reported. The present study contributes to the existing body of SEM literature by providing a demographic analysis of OnlyFans users and an assessment of sexual attitudes between users and nonusers across sex. In this study, participants from a US-based sample (n = 718, Mage = , male [n = 335, 46.7%], female [n = 383, 53.3%]) were solicited using the Mechanical Turk platform. Participants were predominately White (n = 475, 66.2%); additional representation of ethnic/racial groups included Black/African-American (n = 121; 16.9%), American Indian/Alaskan Native (n = 10; 1.4%), Asian-American/Asian (n = 32; 4.4%), Hispanic/Latinx (n = 53; 7.3%), Arab American/Arab (n = 10; 1.4%), and biracial or multiracial (n = 17; 2.4%). Based on our findings, OnlyFans users were predominantly married, white, males who identified as heterosexual or bisexual/pansexual. Our findings also revealed that OnlyFans users and nonusers endorsed similar sexual attitudes related to permissiveness, communion, instrumentality, and birth control across sex. Findings from this study may be helpful for future studies on OnlyFans and other forms of subscription-based platforms.


Deeper option of sexually specific situation (SEM) thru smart phones while the Sites enjoys uncovered the fresh new frontiers in sex research and you can sexuality training certainly diverse communities (Cunningham et al., 2018; Downing ainsi que al., 2014; Peter & Valkenburg, 2011; Walby, 2012). Such, the brand new subscription-oriented, direct-to-individual system OnlyFans might increasingly popular, boasts more than 100 billion new users, and contains paid more than $3 billion so you’re able to posts creators (OnlyFans, n.d.). New meteoric go up of OnlyFans, plus equivalent chat programs within the COVID-19 pandemic, stands for a manuscript occurrence you to definitely stays understudied when you look at the sexuality research. To date, an empirical studies from OnlyFans profiles stays missing throughout the literary works. Obtaining a deeper understanding of this new sexual perceptions and you will demographic attributes away from OnlyFans users would provide an essential base to have coming knowledge to the membership-centered, direct-to-individual platforms.

Because OnlyFans stands for an alternative system for all of us to order, sell, and availableness SEM out-of a totally on the web environment (Cunningham ainsi que al., 2018), determining user demographics and you may sexual perceptions are required so you’re able to see the growing characteristics of your own sex industry (Bernstein, 2007; Sanders, 2008). Training a lot more about OnlyFans profiles would significantly add to the paucity regarding SEM lookup and you can discourse once the sex globe keeps historically come stratified in manners one obfuscate digital sex performs and remove the fresh assortment out of sex gurus (Cunningham ainsi que al., 2018; Laurin, 2019; Beam, 2007). Investigating OnlyFans users’ sexual perceptions and you may qualities ergo enjoys essential implications for growing search at intersection from peoples sexuality, on the internet behaviors, in addition to wider SEM commentary.

Regardless of if a comprehensive review of previous SEM browse is outside of the purview on the analysis, another parts define lead-to-individual platforms, instance OnlyFans, generally relates to SEM profiles, and you can traces the partnership ranging from sex and you may sexual attitudes to determine the necessity for a preliminary data off OnlyFans users’ properties and sexual thinking. It exploratory data needed to do the following: (1) see group and Panama kvinder records information about OnlyFans pages compared to nonusers, and you will (2) compare brand new sexual attitudes away from OnlyFans pages and you may nonusers centered on physiological sex. Which exploratory data was designed to offer a further understanding of the newest inter- and you may intragroup distinctions out-of OnlyFans users and nonusers, which could clarify the altering surroundings off online SEM access to have both people and you can founders.

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