Identifying Qualities : Heavy trunk of a medium peak, sparingly rounded green actually leaves, a bit drooping pinnae

The palm features a dusty greenish colour and you can seems dense and you will spherical. The latest fruits was broadly ovate round with apparently zero astringency otherwise objectionable tannin flavour at Khalal phase.

Palm: Leaves light elm eco-friendly which have a heavy whitish flower: Often the trunk keeps hook curvature around the top caused because of the pounds away from much pick. Leaf try long and wider. Knife duration throughout the 380 in order to 415 cm. Restrict leaf depth are at 70 cm. Leaf stem was wider and you may solid.

Leaf angles: Wider, environmentally friendly leaves which have old of those quite slim with the corners. Sparse scurf into the edges, stretching collectively rachis towards the straight down blade.

Quickest strand: ± 35 cm; breadth and thickness 3

Spines: 28 so you’re able to thirty six for the number and you will security up to 1/5 of your own leaf. Is quick and you will slim; size out of two to four cm; lower than to eight or a dozen cm; more than thinner to average heavy; rachis position in the fifteen° so you’re able to 40° (Figure fourteen). 3/4 away from spines are by few but also discovered install inside the several step three – 5 on each side of the stem. Over these types of, there are 5 – six broke up spines on each front, which can be lengthened and you may heavier compared to first.

Pinnae: Is relatively broad and you can packed. Alternatively strong having periodic moderate to moderate drooping. Length: sixty so you can 72. Width: 4.5 to help you 5.2 cm. Collection constantly when you look at the 2’s when you look at the straight down knife which includes within the 3’s close midblade and you may more than, most type of nearby the apex.

Fruitstalk: Broad, enough time and you will heavy. It’s deep-green within bloom and you will will get greenish-yellow so you’re able to tangerine red from the Khalal phase Slight so you’re able to reasonable scurf to the lower piece. Fruitstalk length ± 150 cm, breadth and you will density immediately lower than fruiting head 64 ? twenty-six mm. Period of fruiting direct ± 55 cm. Strands try middle proportions and have the exact same colour as the fruitstalk. Amount of strands is different from ninety to help you 140. eight ? brud Latin step 3.0 mm; fruiting urban area ± 42 cm; quantity of herbs ± 45. 9 ? mm; fruiting area ± 26 cm; number of plants ± 42.

Longest strand: ± 75 so you’re able to 80 cm; depth and you will thickness step three

Fruit: Khalal along with are opaque red-colored (± apricot purple to close antimony red-colored) interior color of this new bunch try soft; when you find yourself rutab try amber (raw sienna to amber brown) and you can gets really softer and will be easily split up regarding skin. Expands on the a golden-brown along with in early tamar phase (ripe). New fresh fruit is actually medium sized. Contour broadly ovate so you can a little game (egg-shaped), are not that have good wedge-shaped taper off middle to help you bluntly pointed apex. Calyx flattened and you will a little submerged, rounded-triangular, always with step one to 3 moderate breaks during the eter (± 25.cuatro mm); proportions ± 32 to help you 37 ? 23 so you’re able to 31 mm. Fruit off thinned bunches could be in the 30 mm a lot of time and you may twenty seven mm large (length to depth ratio is approximately 1:15). Average lbs (± 15 – 20g). Season steeped and you will sensitive and painful which have a minimal overall dissolvable solids (± 31 %); Skin was heavy and you can racy. Within rutab phase, the fresh new fruits is very nice. From the tamar stage facial skin is wholly separated in the skin, except inside the calyx. Your skin try greyish yellow and also the skin will lose their openness and you may becomes vibrant so you’re able to brownish (Shape 15).

Seed: The newest vegetables fills the complete quantity of the seed products cavity. White brownish in order to wood brownish; oblong, somewhat greater more than center, a little tapering with the dull apex. It’s quick and you may broad, (18 so you’re able to 23 ? 8.4 so you can ten.5 mm). Germ pore main otherwise almost very and can end up being obviously viewed on heart from seed’s dorsal front. Furrow commonly average wide and you can breadth. Light seed products pounds (± 0.88g) and you can a premier pulp: vegetables ratio (± ) (Shape 15).

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