Can you imagine an excellent Johnnys really wants to get married?

With all these types of, I discover a trend of your Johnnys dating an identical lady to own a very long time, perhaps even living with the fresh lady

Now, up to now the majority of people throughout the west will say in the this aspect “That is therefore completely wrong! They should be in a position to marry and you may time whoever needed!” Its correct, in reality once they need to continue work, they have to comply with such rules. Although Johnnys join the agency within a young age, in advance of it introduction it mainly know very well what he is getting into. If they hate you to, chances are they is get off the new company. Of a lot Johnnys have done one to previously for several factors. Having the image is actually aside of the jobs, unfortunately. Anyone else you will state “Oh! Better, they may be able only alter government otherwise stop”. As the Johnnys have been increased to take action off an earlier years, many of them just have a high school training, although it has become regular to possess Johnnys to go to school, that will be in fact encouraged because of the service now. Due to this, they don’t have the capacity to change work freely since the are a keen idol is all he has recognized. In terms of government, it is extremely tough to move from Johnnys with other management and have a comparable level of points and you will dominance that they had previously, as Johnnys has actually a massive your hands on the market inside the Japan therefore the “former Johnnys” sticks such as for example glue. It comes to Johnnys, or other idol organizations, are a corporate, even in the event a rather severe truth.

With all that said though, never assume all pledge is forgotten! Johnnys Carry out big date. They simply exercise outside of the societal vision. Johnnys features gotten partnered ahead of, however, there are particular criteria that have to be satisfied and you will sometimes you will find unique activities one to takes place that they must wed (from what understand).

You can find some Johnnys that have obtained married within the during the last, eg Kimura Takuya away from SMAP, Inohara Yoshihiko out-of V6, and you will Tatsuya Yamaguchi away from TOKIO (UPDATE: regardless of if he had a divorce or separation from their spouse in the 2016, and TOKIO representative Kokubun Taichi got ). I think you will find some anybody else, however these are the latest ones, and Jin. (Kokubun Taichi has been seeing his now wife for two decades just before he was allowed to marry) They tend to obtain married inside their mid-ish 30’s (or after), as well as their fans are more mature also. Thus brand new idol marriage will get less of good responsibility into the institution while they get older, as they are currently situated idols, in addition to their group of followers is continuing to grow with them and generally are probably hitched themselves. Young groups are nevertheless very valuable because they haven’t struck the level out of popularity but really (usually) in addition to their group of followers has been young and you may unmarried (definition not hitched) therefore it is a lot more of a liability to your department to possess little idols locate hitched, as fans will likely shed appeal when the its idol will get married on a more youthful age.

Specific currently debuted Johnnys have decided to go away the new department while the better, not always to possess relationship and marriage causes regardless of if

As for the time of the matrimony, it give the brand new company weeks, sometimes ages ahead if they decide to marry. By doing this, the newest department is able to expose the wedding. The brand new exemption associated with the are Kimura Takuya, and this emerged due to the fact a shock. Their disease are nearly the same as Jin; his current girlfriend try pregnant and instantly had partnered once the of these. The difference between Jin and you will Kimura Takuya is the fact Kimura Takuya mentioned that he had been contemplating marriage with his girlfriend for a while, before searching for the fresh pregnancy. Even after these situations, Kimura Takuya experienced Johnnys prior to going finished with the marriage, but Jin did not. (UPDATE: Kokubun Taichi got waited years to help you marry their current partner ahead of they got married as well as sent out a notice card to help you everybody in the fanclub in the event the statement happened.)

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